Your beautiful daughter has a 1 in 5 chance of being raped!

That’s a terrible thought isn’t it? Doesn’t that make you angry? I know it makes me angry especially considering the fact that I have a 2 year old daughter. It pains me to think about the dangers she’ll face in the world as a young girl and later as a grown woman. I’m glad that one of the lessons I’ll be able to pass onto her as a father is self defense. I have a question for you, what are you doing to make sure your children are prepared for the dangers of world today? What are you doing to protect YOURSELF from the sickos and criminals out here? I have some other statistics I’d like to share with you, brace yourself….

  • One in four college women report surviving rape (15 percent) or attempted rape (12 percent) since their fourteenth birthday.
  • In a study by the U.S. Centers for Disease control of 5,000 college students at over 100 colleges, 20% of women answered “yes” to the question “In your lifetime have you been forced to submit to sexual intercourse against your will?” Thus, one in five college women has been raped at some point in her lifetime.
  • In the year 2000, 246,000 women survived rape and sexual assault. This computes to 28 women every hour.
  • A survey of high school students found that one in five had experienced forced sex (rape). Half of these girls told no one about the incident.
  • Percentage of rapes not reported: 54 percent
  • Chances that a raped woman conceives compared to one engaging in consensual sex: at least two times as likely
  • Number of women in the US impregnated against their will each year in the U.S. as a result of rape: 32,000
  • Percentage of victims of rape who report the use of a weapon: 11 percent.
  • 84% of rape survivors tried unsuccessfully to reason with the man who raped her.
  • 1 in 6 boys is sexually abused before the age of 16
  • 21.6% of women who reported being raped during their lifetime were under age 12 at the time of their first rape. 32.4% of these women were 12-17 years of age. Therefore, over half of all female rape victim/survivors surveyed in this study were under the age of 18 at the time of their first rape
  • 100 Children are kidnapped by strangers each year in the United States.
  • 74 percent of abducted children who are murdered are killed within three hours of the abduction. In 80% of the cases, the initial contact between the killer and the victim was within 1/4 mile of the victim’s residence, and the majority of cases (57%) were based solely on opportunity.
  • The most common ages of children when sexual abuse occurs are between 8 and 12.
  • there are approximately 12 million crimes committed in the United States every single year.  That is by far the worst in the world.  No other nation has more than about 6 million reported crimes per year.
  • Every year, one out of every five people is a victim of a crime in the United States.  No other nation on earth has a rate that is higher.

Scary right? I know, but don’t be scared, be prepared, prepare your children.

My name is Yasir, I’m a Self Defense/Martial Arts Instructor and Personal Trainer. I teach REAL LIFE Self Defense skills with the intention to get you home safely and this is how I can prepare YOU and your CHILDREN with the same skills:

Training for Teens & Adults: ages 14 & up

  • I have a varied Martial Arts background that consists of Jiujitsu, Judo, Karate, Boxing, and Kali. I take the most effective skills from each art and put them an easy to understand format that allows you to progress quickly.
  • You won’t waste time learning forms or “kata”. Forms can be a great workout and they can also teach focus but they are not necessary for preparation for street level combat.
  • You will get an AWESOME workout that will combine resistance training (strength training) and some INTENSE cardio.
  • You will train in your regular comfortable street clothes because that’s what you will be wearing on the street.
  • You will learn how to defend yourself against muggings with a gun or knife.
  • You will learn how to defend yourself in enclosed area.
  • You will lean how to defend yourself from the ground
  • You will learn various techniques to stop a conflict before it even starts.

Yasir carefully considered my overall exercise ability, my goals and prepared a plan that fit me.  The plan has helped me to achieve the most out of exercising while at the same time learning self defense.  I believe I am in better shape than six months ago and I’m more confident about my ability to defend myself in a bad situation.  I would recommend Yasir and Urban JiuJitsuka Self Defense & Fitness to anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle and achieving their personal work out goals.

Mike K.-Attorney in Chicago

Training for Children: ages 7-14

  •  The most important benefit your child will gain by training with me is an increased confidence and self awareness. The confidence from knowing how to defend yourself is unmatched. This improved self esteem will radiate off of your child and will repel, bullies in school and some would be attackers.
  • This increase in confidence that your child gains will transfer into his/her performance in school. The focus, memorization, and disciple, and respect gained from martial arts training will improve their academic performance in ways you couldn’t have imagined.
  • If your child has been diagnosed with ADD, my training will give your child a much needed outlet to release all of that extra energy ;-).
  • Your child will also increase bone density, become stronger and faster through the various body weight exercises in my specialized workouts. The best time to strengthen the bones is under the age of 14 and while weight training is discouraged due to the pressure on joints body weight training is a safe way to give your child the edge which will carry over to his/her performance in other sports!
  • If your child is struggling with weight Martial Arts training is a fun way to help your child get to a healthy weight.
  • Your child will gain increased flexibility another great addition to the other sports your child does.

August 7, 2014

Dear Sensei,

I want to commend you on the training provided to Tyler.  Over the past five months, I have seen such a growth in him physically as well as mentally.

He is much stronger and flexible which gives him the edge in his other two sports:  hockey and soccer.  The balance he has learned is a great asset on the ice. In soccer, he is able to keep up with boys a couple years older than him.   I see a new confidence in him.  He is willing to try new things that he may not have otherwise.  He is addicted to the show, “American Ninja Warrior” and is convinced if he continues training, he will be capable of completing the course.

Mentally he is learning critical thinking and problem solving skills. He seems more focused and I am eager to see the impact this school year.  A huge bonus is the Japanese he is learning. I sometimes catch him teaching other kids in the neighborhood or his little brother.

The self-defense techniques learned will follow him and serve him well in life.  I think having the right teacher makes all the difference in the world.  We could not have found a better Sensei for Tyler.  He really respects you!    I love his passion for jujitsu.  He is continually practicing and looks forward to his training sessions.


Julie Gregerson

I teach private and small group classes of no more than 6 people. The small numbers allow you or your child to get personalized attention. This personalized attention  allows you to move at your own pace, while also improving at a much faster rate than being in a larger martial arts school where frankly, you are just a number.

Now that we have a good understanding of what I bring to the table I want to make a couple of things very clear. I’m not EVERYBODY’s trainer. What I mean when I say that is I’m not the trainer for you if:

  • You’re not serious about your training. If you don’t really have the desire to do what’s necessary to learn how defend yourself and your family, I can’t work with you.
  • You’re looking for the cheapest Self Defense/Martial Arts Instructor. I’m not cheap, and neither is my service! All of my training services are backed by a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee! That means I stand behind the service I provide, I deliver results and I know you will be satisfied.

100guaranteeIf you are ready to ACT NOW I want you to sign up to receive “THE 9 SELF DEFENSE TIPS THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE” For FREE!

After you have signed in to get your 9 self defense tips I want you to IMMEDIATELY fill out the application on the right hand side of this page.


I want you to understand that it is VITALLY important that you ACT NOW because I am very busy , I have clients who train with me for fitness as well as self defense, I also run a fitness boot camp as well, so I ONLY ACCEPT 2 NEW CLIENTS PER QUARTER! That’s right I only accept new clients 4 times a year.

So there it is, this is your chance, don’t wait until it’s too late, this could be you or children included in these statistics. Everyone who became a victim thought it wouldn’t happen to them. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! BE PREPARED!

P.S. Remember your success is MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! That means there is NO RISK to try out my program for 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied after 30 days of training with me I will personally refund your money back, no questions asked.

So RIGHT NOW, I want you to go over to the right side of this page and register to receive the “THE 9 SELF DEFENSE TIPS THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!” for FREE and take the steps to NOT BE A VICTIM!


Yasir- Self Defense & Fitness Instructor